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The End…

29 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

The morning of the America Match dawned and the team arose with most well rested and ready for the match. The team had been announced the night before and rifles had all been cleaned in readiness for some pre-shoot blow offs. Breakfast was had at…

The Canada Match

23 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Today there were two different matches: the Gatineau, an individual shoot at 900m; and the Canada Match as a team of eight over 300, 500 and 600 yards. The Gatineau, unlike the other shoots in the Grand Aggregate, was squadded according to individual performance over…

Day 19 – Outlandish Weather

22 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Following a night of torrential rain the team were expecting a dousing first thing but all remained mostly dry for the final two ranges of the Gibson at 300m and 600 yards. The level of scoring remained high with seven of the team achieving 150’s…

The run into the Governor General’s

21 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Once more, all the vans departed the hotel at times suitable for their first shoot of the day, some more ‘suitable’ than others depending on the length of the lie in! We started the day shooting the President’s, at either 300m or 500 yards. The…

Letson and lots of 900m

21 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

After the BBQ the previous night when many people ate steaks that were bigger than the plate, all had an early night. We woke promptly (some earlier than others to make the 8am detail) and set off as is now customary to the range for…

Day 16 – Sunshine at Last!

19 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Finally, we woke up to a clear sky and a good weather forecast, as day two of the Grand beckoned. Today the vans were on different schedules according to detail, so the team split into groups of four for the majority of the day. As…

Day 15 – A grand start in Canada

18 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

This morning the team were a little less regimented when it came to getting to the range. While some buses had to leave earlier due to early details, others had the opportunity to leave for the range slightly later, as they were squadded on later…

Day 13/14 – Connaught here we come!

17 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

After a relatively quite night with some opting to dine in Hunstville and others having a take out pizza in the cottages, the sixteen remaining team members assembled promptly on Friday morning to pack the vans. Fortunately it wasn’t raining for almost the first time…

R&R (rain and rain…)

15 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

If there is a word that best describes the last few days here at the Lake of Bays, it is rain. In fact, with a few more sheep and fewer bears, one might be forgiven for making the mistake of believing oneself in Scotland rather…

Goodbye Perry. Hello Emma!

13 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

After the prize giving on Sunday, many of the team were able to let their hair down a bit with the prospect of a break of four days from shooting. We also bade farewell and bon voyage to the BCRC group, who let their hair…

Day 10 – Mini Palma

12 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Today was the culmination of the week’s shooting at Perry, with a team match of fifteen to count at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards. We entered a team of eight against Canada and an extremely strong USA team, and a team of four against Australia…

Day 9 – The Final Shootoff

10 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Today was the final day of individual shooting and consequently the last opportunity to impress before the teams were picked for the Mini Palma match on Sunday. At roll call and ‘colors’ it looked like there might be very little wind, although the locals suggested…

Day 8 – Commodore Perry

09 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

We probably shouldn’t even go into the morning routine, as I’m sure our regular readers can probably guess it by now. For those that haven’t been following this blog on a daily basis, it involved an early rise and we left the accommodation by 7.00am…

Day 7 – Countdown to the match

09 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

The start for today was the now normal routine of getting up at the same ungodly hour to be able to leave the accommodation by 7:00am. We arrive at the range at what we think is early but all the parking spaces have already been…

Commodore Perry Team Selection

08 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Team Selection announced. In addition to the teams below, Lindsay McKerrell will be shooting for the GB U25 team. Phil Chapman-Sheath, John Halahan, and Stuart Young will be shooting for the BCRC Goodwill team.

Day 6 – Perry and Pong

08 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

The morning started off with most of the vans leaving promptly and getting to the range in plenty of time for roll call, although there was one notable exception. Again roll call was followed by ‘colors’ before any shooting could commence. One more tradition they…

Day 5 – Perry for Real

06 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

When the team woke this morning, it quickly became apparent that last night’s BBQ had taken its toll. Tom Drysdale seemed most weary, remarking to other team members that “[he] could hardly move this morning because there was so much meat in [him]”. Another early…

Day 4 – Shoot and Shop

05 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Today, the team started with a bit of a ‘lie in’ (7:30ish wake), something of a rarity on tour! Having arrived late last night, it wasn’t until today we could appreciate the beautiful surrounding that would be our home for the next few days. Sited…

Day 3 – 900 at 900, and Farewell Camp Borden

04 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

After an evening sampling the culinary delights of Barrie, either at a steak and lobster place or an Irish pub that very charmingly served burgers and had a live band, an early night was had by most in preparation for the match the next morning….

Day 2 – First Day at Borden

03 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

In the morning, the team met promptly at 7.20am after breakfast, having mostly managed a few hours sleep after yesterdays journey. Kit bags and rifles were loaded and we departed the hotel on time for the drive to Camp Borden, where we were due to…

Day 1 – Time to Tour

02 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Thursday saw the gathering of the team at the Surrey RA clubhouse to try and solve the conundrum of how to pack all the shooting kit, personal kit, rifles and team kit (including some unexpected but delightful union jack branded merchandise) into the modest BA…

Imperial Roundup

02 Aug 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

Well the last training week (also known locally as the Imperial Meeting) recently passed and the squad seems ready to tour. Particularly heartening is the fact that David Armstrong, Emma Nuttall and Nigel Ball (who had all missed recent training weekends for various reasons) seem…

Training Weekends

30 Mar 2014, Posted by GBRT in Diary

For many, our first training weekend at the end of March was the first day shooting of the season. Having returned from the winter break with varying degrees of winter training under our belts, the first shoot was to be a proverbial clearing of the…