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Jane Messer


BIO_Jane MesserJane Messer GC SC (Vice Captain)

A keen advocate of team shooting, Jane has toured widely, including to Australia, Barbados, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Trinidad, the USA and Zimbabwe, winning all the Great Eight international matches featured in this brochure: the America, Australia, Canada, Kolapore, New Zealand, Palma, Protea and West Indies matches. This will be Jane’s sixth tour to the US and her seventh to Canada. Her last visit to Canada was as Captain of the GB team in 2010, which she greatly enjoyed. Jane’s shooting experience in the US has been confined to Raton, a range that she loves for its flora, fauna (except the rattlesnakes and spiders!), interesting winds and stunning scenery. Her most recent foray there was as a coach for the GB F-TR team at the F Class World championships last summer. Jane is looking forward to seeing Camp Perry, about which she has heard so much – and as Captain of the GB Palma team for 2015, while on tour she will be keeping a watchful eye on the performance of fellow GB squad members.

Although team shooting is Jane’s favourite, she is also an accomplished individual shot, having won a number of important individual competitions, including the President’s Prize at the DCRA Meeting in Ottawa and the Grand Aggregate and St George’s Vase at Bisley. Away from the ranges, Jane enjoys walking, skiing and gardening – and is currently trying to train her labrador puppy not to ‘help’ with the latter!