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Martin Whicher


BIO_Martin WhicherMartin Whicher (Adjutant)

Archie started shooting at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, but he refuses to say when this actually was! He toured Canada the first time with the Athelings in 19-eighty-something and continued shooting through University of London but then career and far flung postings curtailed activity. Resuming in the mid 2000’s, he picked up where he left off and now regularly shoots for, and is Captain of, the Old Guildfordians and the Royal County of Berkshire.

Internationally he has toured with the NRA team to the Channel Islands in 2008 (Adj), Old Guildfordians to South Africa in 2009, Great Britain to Canada in 2010 and then back to the Channel Islands with the OG’s to Jersey in 2011 and as Captain of the NRA team in 2013.

Off the range he spends his time working “far too hard” and when not working can be most often found in his garden. He has recently developed an intense dislike of skiing which stems from the recent acquisition of a chunk of titanium in his shoulder. One of Archie’s aims for this tour is to try and see a bear, at a safe distance, as his only previous experience was a very brief glimpse of the back end of one disappearing into the wood. The other is to have recovered so that he can shoot!