Day 2 – Rest day

Today sees a guest diarist holding the pen for a few days whilst the main author spends time in New York on a work visit.

This morning, the team exchanged stories on the various tactics to stop the rather binary approach to air conditioning in the hotel rooms – Polar or Sahara seemed the only options. Despite this, everyone rose in good time, eager to get on with the first of three R&R days. The 8 hour time difference was also yet to be adjusted to, with Birty managing a quick 10km run shortly after 5am, before joining everyone else for breakfast. Some went straight for the waffles and maple syrup, although everyone received strange glances from the waiting staff at their inability to use the self service waffle machine – I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it.

Most members spent the day in Vancouver, where an attempt was made to bring Nigel up to date with his technology after locking himself out of his phone. Please use smoke signals, like rest of British Columbia, until the issue is sorted. An array of other shopping and dining options were explored, and a relaxing day was had by all.

Water slide parkThe diarist, Chris M, Paul and Birty had a more adrenaline filled day at the local water park at the nearby Cultus Lake. Water slide Valley of fearAn ankle was nearly lost after a two man combination of the above went straight up the other side of the aptly named “Valley of Fear” and nearly went off the top. Later, we realised the weight limit was breached, blame the breakfast waffles.

The diarist was rather concerned with the locals obsession with lube, after a quick spin round Chilliwack found shops like “Mr Lube”, “Jiffy Lube”, and – most concerning – “Dipstick Lube” within close proximity to the teams’ hotel.

Along with testing out the route to the range, Charles and Reg provisioned water, cereal bars and other goodies ready for shooting. However, they were rather baffled by the sign outside the General Volkes range asking horse owners to scoop up their rather large quantities of poop…

The evening saw the sampling of duty free gin on the balconies and patios of the hotel rooms, overlooking the indoor rainforest. Dinner was mostly taken in the hotel, where plans were formulated for tomorrow on the rear of the receipts handed back to the bar staff.

Onto tomorrow.

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