Day 3 – Rest day

2nd Rest Day

The team is now into its second day without the Captains’ presence, and it is starting to affect some members more than others, and in turn giving the transportation manager a headache.

Fort Langley

Fort Langley

The Vice-captain drove into Vancouver with Ben, both having business connections to make in the city. They passed four separate accidents during the day, and nearly added to the total after going through a set of lights both were adamant were green, narrowly avoiding a Canadian lorry that Ben argues was as large as Canada itself and moving as fast as a certain Irishman moving towards a food counter. Both returned to the hotel with themselves and the car in one piece, after visiting Fort Langley to explore the early history of British Columbia.

On the other hand, a stationary vehicle jumped out behind the Adjutant as he reversed into a parking space at Wal-mart, or so he claimed. Luckily the plastic bumper on the other car popped out during the day, due to the heat. Unfortunately, less could be said about the team van, and the keys were handed to the TLB for the rest of the day.

The Vice-captain and Adjutant both claim diminished responsibility due to a fire alarm at 11:30pm (7:30am UK time) the night before. Unknown to most of the team, they quickly delegated three members to lead an advance party to the muster point.

Nigel “Tiger” Ball won the putting competition against Rick, TLB and Chloe, by a clear 7 shots, contested at the local Tap-Ins Putting Course, and was highly recommended.



Canoeing Cultus LakeHaving enjoyed the waterpark yesterday, the water sports group made their way back to Cultus lake to spend the day by the water’s edge. The diarist and Paul had a romantic canoe across the lake, whilst investigating the local properties, and the group whiled away the rest of the day with swimming, card games and generally resting and relaxing.

Cultus Lake panorama

Dinner was split between Thai, Italian and in the hotel restaurant, and the team returned replete. The diarist was asked for his ID for the second time in three days, despite not being the youngest member of the team, and continues to be flattered by the local bar staff.


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