Day 4 – Last day to relax

Bowen Island log cabinToday sees the team swell to 17 in number by the end of the day, with the return of the Captain, Tom, Phil and Dave. Except for Dave, all have spent the last few days in Vancouver, with Tom also visiting Bowen Island. He describes it as stepping back 100 years, so anyone who has visited Bisley will have a good idea as to the feel.

Fraser RiverTLB, Nigel and Chloe went on a boat tour of the Fraser River Ecological Reserve, spotting all sorts of animals including seals and bald eagles, although TLB thought some of these may have been plastic…




GBRT returned to the Tap-Ins putting course which saw a team match take place, with the losers paying the bar bill afterwards. Golf scoresThe Diarist, Vice-Captain, Ben and Paul beat Rick, Chris M and Birty, with their average 3 shots to the good. The Diarist has yet to be ID’d again so far today, but at the other end of the spectrum the Vice-Captain paid a reduced entry at the golf course, and Reg had money taken off his Chilliwack museum entry, making the most of their age related deductions. The golfers refuelled at the course, however Rick was defeated by his salad, words he’d never thought he had to say!

There was also a returning party to Lake Cultus. Whilst there, Chris M executed a near flawless swan dive off the swimming platforms, except for the fact that he emerged at the surface with a pair of lense-less Oakleys. In an effort to redeem himself after yesterday’s vehicle mishaps, the Adjutant donned a pair of goggles and after many attempts diving to the bottom (circa 15 feet by all estimates), valiantly recovered both lenses to rapturous applause.


The Captain called a team meeting to discuss the next few days as we start to get into the main part of our time in Chilliwack, followed by a team dinner at Browns Social House, a short drive away from the hotel. However, the Captain was fined for initially instructing the team not to order starters due to time keeping, with the rest of the team baffled when a starter arrived in front of him. An intense competition of beer mat flipping between himself and numerous Chapman-Sheath offspring began during the meal, with the Diarist retiring to bed before a conclusion could be reached – he will endeavour to find out tomorrow whether a victor was found.
Returning to the hotel, thoughts turned to tomorrow, which sees the arrival of Jon and Sandy, and an afternoon zeroing session at the range.

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