Day 6 – BCRA Champs first day.


Chilliwack, Vokes rangeThe first day of competition is finally here! Shrug off the relative comfort of R&R and get that game face on. Breakfast at 6.30 saw a stampede of locusts as the GB team raided the breakfast buffet to fill up on fuel and nab a few supplies for the day ahead. The drive to the range thankfully uninterrupted by the bridge replacement in Chilliwack meant that we arrived in good time for the start of shooting. 

Today’s programme consisted of 4 individual shoots at 3,4,5 & 600 metres. A slightly clearer morning compared to most so far with the smokey haze we have become accustomed to abating at least for the first few hours and the familiar backdrop of mountains restored on the Gen Vokes range.

Conditions today were on the warm side with temps pushing up to the 30 degrees range and the smokey humid air creating a heavy mirage through the scope. For those unfamiliar with the Gen Vokes range in British Columbia it is unusual in the Northern hemisphere in that it faces South East and as such with the light coming often in from behind the target it often creates very odd sight pictures as manly of our number discovered.

The GB team are here and mean business and the results speak for themselves.

At 300m 5 of our number tied for the City of Victoria Match with the Captain counting out Ben, Jon, Chris & Chloe on a 50.8

Nigel BallAt 400m Nigel Ball took the honours for the City of New Westminster with a 50.8 with Angus, Rick, Sandy and Ed making up the top 5 

At 500m Nigel again managed top spot in the City of Vancouver Match with 50.9. Behind were Sandy, Chloe, Tom R and Paul

At 600m stats still TBC but we believe Dave Rose won the Macdonald Stewart Match with 50.7 and Reg second with 50.4 will confirm in the morning. 

Nigel also took the Scottish Claymore match (first 3 comps) with a 150.24

Rick and SandyOn the Day agg – 3 of the GB team are leading the way with 199 ex 200 – Rick leads on 199.24, Angus on 199.23 and Ian on 199.19. The rest of the team are chasing hard with 6 more of us on 198. More to play for tomorrow with the same course of fire and the temperatures cooling down over the weekend. Sadly our capacity to provide rapid updates from the range are much diminished as the 21st Century has not made it as far as the range with little or no signal, we will endeavour to keep the results and news flashes going as best we can. 

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