Day 7 – Second day of BCRA Championship

Shoot, eat, sleep, repeat was the easiest way to summarise the format for day 7 as the team started a repeat from day 6; 10 shots at 300, 400, 500 and 600m.

Captain ChrisThe team woke early again and met in the hotel restaurant for another ‘elite athletes’ breakfast before boarding the wagons to head for the Gen Vokes range. Mornings are clearly good for some and bad for others; the captain falling into the latter category as he left an essential piece of his kit on the table at breakfast before obliviously heading off to the range. Thankfully crisis was averted as the another team member brought it to the range but a hefty fine is in order…… Mine’s a Hendrick’s and tonic, Chris.

Conditions for the day were more kind than yesterday as temperatures were similar to those we found at Bisley this year (early 20s). The wind was again benign but given the day was more overcast than the previous we didn’t have to contend with ever changing light conditions. This made for a more consistent sight picture which is always helpful when shooting at a smaller bull than usual on the ICFRA target.

Today saw the conclusion of the ‘Grand Agg’ and with many members of team GB jostling for position in a tightly packed field we were all hopeful that we could dominate proceedings. As per yesterday each of the 4 shoots in the day were competitions in their own right so there were plenty of trophies to be won in addition to aggregate matches – worth noting at this point that the trophy collection at the BCRA Championships gives the NRA in UK a good run for their money so it was within our interest to do well!

Thankfully Team GB carried off from where they left off as Dave Rose won the Duff Stuart at 300m with a classy 50.9 closely followed by Nigel Ball with 50.8.

At 400m Sandy Walker took the honours in the Past Presidents Match with a 50.9 (putting his last into the 5) followed by Jon U on 50.8, Ed Dickson on 50.7 and TLB on 50.6.

TLB continued his form into the Flintoft at 500m taking the top spot with a 50.8 closely followed by Ed D and Rick S.

TLB also took the Vern Barclay at 600m with another 50.8 counting out both Ben Craig and Phil C-S with also very credible 50.8s.

Rick ShoulerOverall, Rick Shouler kept his focus to top the Grand Agg with a very impressive 399.48 ex 400 closely followed by Jon U, Dave R, Sandy and Ed D all with scores of 398. What was more impressive and hugely satisfying is that Team GB took the top 15 places in the Grand and have, to date, topped every individual prize list and aggregate. Hopefully mentioning this does not jinx us going forward but so far there has been some hugely impressive shooting on the ICFRA targets – long may it continue! Full results available here..

This evening the team are off to their first official function at the BCRA dinner to fill their stomachs in preparation for the final day of individual competitions and the beginning of the team matches tomorrow. This evening will be the first and last function where Martin will not be the first in the queue – he will be joining the team in Ottawa next week.

Tomorrow we shoot, repeat and hopefully continue our strong start at the BCRA Championships. Stay tuned……..

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