Day 13 – DCRA Championship Day1

Friday – Day 1 DCRA

A leisurely start this morning as we were not going to get into the GB hut until the afternoon there was all the team jobs to do, get the GB stores from the Quartermaster, thanks to Tom anFork lift drivingd his forklift driving skills (is there anything the team armour cannot turn his hand to), setting up the hut and getting the shopping for the week (5 trolleys worth). In short order, the GB team were in business and set up ready to go. We are now reunited with our Main Coach who has also been shooting with the F-Class team but assures us he much prefers being with us…

The start of competitions this afternoon with the Ottawa Regiment at 800m, following a long discussion about the elevation difference from Bisley 900yards the team managed some superb scores with 9 of the team scoring 75’s – Ian Shaw managed the best of us and is tie shooting with Fazal Mohideen on 75.12. Conditions were generally straightforward with a 2-3 minute drift from the right, however the light was failing with the low cloud and rain threatening to spoil the party.

Ian and Faizal for Ottawa Regiment


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