Day 14 – DCRA day 2

Saturday – Day 2 DCRA

With a full day of shooting on the cards today most of the team managed an early breakfast at the hotel before leaving for the range. The forecast looked like a clear day however the low cloud and gloomy light it felt like we might get wet. (Thankfully the rain stayed away).

Ben preparing for GooderhamWe started with the Gooderham at 500yards and there was a light breeze from the left from ¾ to 1 minute meaning most of the team managed to slot in 50’s with some high v-counts. For those that know shooting in Canada a number of the shoots are 2 ranges added together so one must follow it up with another solid performance.

Falling back to 600yards for the second half of the Gooderham the light left hand winds continued allowing some high scoring to be maintained. 11 of the team managed a further 50 scoring the maximum of 100 points. Ben Craig took the honours with 100.17, just one vee ahead of Rick with 100.16 and Jon Underwood 100.15 the next highest team member.

In line for squaddingMany thanks must go to the DCRA for managing to resquad us to accommodate in the Sierra Long range challenge an additional 800m shoot. Winds now coming from the left and a stiffer breeze showing on the flags and finally a mirage showing.  74’s and 75’s were commonplace but we are yet to see the prize lists (update tomorrow). The warning from the Armourer that if we didn’t convert sighters we might run out of ammo was taken to heart by at least two of the team who didn’t convert their Bull 5 sighters only to then to realise that the armourer was pulling their leg.

Moving back to the 900m point for the Army & Navy Veterans match we were all squadded on the first relay. Wind coming from the right at about 7 to 8 minutes from the left. The ammo working well and holding good groups allowed us to make the most of the width of the bull which was much needed with some big pickups and drop-offs to look out for and most of the team dropped a point or two on either side, still it is a warm up and good practice for the grand which starts tomorrow. Our top man on thIan Shaw wins Ottawa Regiment tie shoote rely was Angus who scored a 74.8. The second relay which none of us were on was more straightforward and a number of 75’s were returned, we shall see tomorrow who has won.

Last order of business on the range was Ian’s tie shoot for the Ottawa Regiment with Fazal Mohideen from Canada. Both scored 25 points with Ian emerging the victor scoring 3 vee’s to Fazals 2, to confirm the second trophy for GB.


Tonight we have the meet and greet to catch up with all our friends and fellow competitors from Canada and around the world. 

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