Day 15 – DCRA day 3

Sunday – Day 3 DCRA

Today was the last chance to check those little issues before the Grand starts at Lunchtime. This morning was a light warm up at 300x and 600x for the Tilton where light winds and bright conditions saw 10 of the team scoring the maximum possible 100, Sandy Walker took the honours with 100.18, Chris Weeden on 100.17 and Jon Underwood 100.16 taking the placings. 

Captain Chris WeedenSandy Walker







The warm up Aggregate (The Champlain) was won by our Captain Chris Weeden dropping only 2 points, closely followed by Rick only 5 vees behind, the management clearly showing us the way forward. 

Rick ShoulerThis afternoon saw the start of the Grand Aggregate with the Macdougall at 300x and 500x and the high scoring continued with 100’s aplenty, again 10 of the team scoring 100. Rick Shouler taking the top spot with 100.17, Jon Underwood 100.16, Angus McLeod 100.15 the top three. 

So far so good we have managed to spread the prizes around the team with everyone putting in some excellent performances. 

This evening we are entertaining the Athelings, one truck load of pizza and soda ordered so expect some slightly lethargic GB team members full of pizza in the morning.


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