Day 16 – DCRA day 4

Monday Day 4 DCRA

A fine start to the day with calm conditions for this morning and the GB team made the most of the conditions at the 300x distance  for the Norman Beckett match,16 team members scoring 50 with Chloe Evans topping the table with a 50.10, which from this diarists point of view was a pleasure to register keep for. 

Continuing at 500x for the start of the Col John Brick match the gentle left breeze didn’t climb over 1.5 minutes and there were a great deal of 50’s again. with the vee counts again remaining high across the board. 

Lunch time breakA leisurely lunch was taken early with the opportunity to catch up on washing, have a snooze in the sun or to go shopping for a few. During the lunch break the wind decided to arrive with a good strong breeze over the left shoulder. At the 600x for the Col John Brick things were slightly more tricky making it easy to get caught in the aim and a number leaked the odd shots left and right as the angle shifted. 




Solar eclipseThoughts that the 800m shoot for the Norman Beckett being tricky were interrupted by the observation of the Solar Eclipse making its way across North America today. we saw about a 60-70% eclipse where we were in Ottawa and the dimmer light and distinct cooling in the temperature made the shoot an interesting one. The wind steady from the left again between 4-6 minutes with the opportunity to again get caught our with the flags deceptively shifting angle as they had before at 600.


Results from the day as follows or see results page for more details

Col John Brick – Jon Underwood, Chris Mitchell and James Cook tied on 100.15

Norman Beckett – Jon Underwood tied with Alwyn McLean – 100.17

Dick Hampton Agg (Day Agg) – Jon Underwood 200.32, Nigel Ball 200.28, Ian Shaw 200.27

The Grand Agg – Jon, Rick, Ian and Nigel all leading the way with no points dropped and a total of 10 of the team making up the top 20. 

Tonight a number of us are headed to dinner at the Carmichael’s, thank you to John and Dietra for hosting. 

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