Day 17 – DCRA day 5


So the word for today was “Rain”…

The early start for the GB team today was accompanied with much viewing of various weather apps and rain radar with the forecast not looking overly optimistic. On arrival at the 500x firing point things looked hopeful to at least get through a couple of details before the rain arrived however as we were checking in for the second detail of the day a flash of lightening, rumble of thunder and a radio message from range control heralded the first delay of the day. 

Cue much hanging about followed by another message that it would be advisable to seek shelter, words wisely heeded as about 15 minutes later we saw the first biblical downpour of the day. 

Shooters trooped back to the team hut for tea and toast and to wait for the next instruction of the day. The powers that be decreed that we would attempt to shoot the Letson at 600x and the Alexander of Tunis match. There was again much consulting of weather radar’s and shaking of heads among many. The first detail got things underway in strong winds and gloomy overcast conditions with some good scores coming off including a 50 from James Cook of the Army team. The second detail containing the GB team were called forward to the point dark clouds overhead and the first few spits of rain heralded the same sequence of events, a swift dash to the bus and the hut and the heavens opened once again. Unfortunately this delay led to the cancellation of shooting for the remainder of the day. 

The remainder of the day gave the opportunity to sort ammo, do some more team admin and for some a quick trip to the indoor mini golf course, although upon arrival the group sat stranded in the car for about 10 minutes waiting for the monsoon conditions to abate. The result of the 3rd round of the GBRT Majors series saw Dave finish on 48 closely followed by Rick on 49.

This evening a number of the team visit the Ontario RA club for the Corn Boil and for a social with our Canadian friends. 

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