Day 19 – DCRA day 7


This morning sees the last two ranges of the Grand Agg before the Gatineau tomorrow morning. The short range comps which make up the Gibson at 300x and 600x were also to be counted towards the qualifier for the Governor Generals final. 

At 300x a stiff breeze form the front managed to keep the shooters honest but nevertheless holding  tight elevations would still enable a 50 but not with the highest vee counts. At 600x the Wind was considerably more tricky to read with swift angle changes catching out many people, quick changes from zero to 2.5 minutes Left changing fast. Points were dropped by a number of people but the team managed to get 15 of our number through to the Governor Generals Final to be shot on Saturday.  Jon Underwood took the Gibson with 149.17

In the Afternoon we took part in the Outlander match but sadly with no other teams entered it was GBRT vs GBRT as we put in two teams. The conditions had become increasingly testing through the lunch period and a strong left to right wind varying angle and all mostly read from the mirage there was some fun for the coaches. At 900m there was some tough calls and with the coaches having to call on all their experience. This was not helped when Dave, called on to shoot a sighter out of turn, when instructed duly put 5 minutes of right wind on his gun rather than left wind and Angus watching down the scope saw his shot sail into the gap between the targets rather than into the bullseye. At the end of the 900m distance the official team led by 8 points. At 600yards fighting back strong the honours only GB team clawed back 6 points to only loose by 2. This was a good work out for the team in advance of the Canada and Commonwealth matches to come on Friday and Saturday. 

Going into the Final range of the Grand Agg – Ian Shaw is leading by 7 vees over Kent Reeve of the USA with Nigel, Angus Jon and Chloe all still in the top 10. 

Nigel Ball also won the Allcomers Agg today with 500.71, 10 vees clear of Kent Reeve.

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