Ben Craig

Ben Craig

Who is Ben: Ben is a Tax manager based in London, specialising in innovation financing. Although tax is often seen as rather dry, the nature of Ben’s work with research and development involves working with interesting, varied, and in some cases eccentric, clients.

Ben’s shooting career: Ben started shooting whilst a student at Oxford University, and was proud to be a part of the victorious Chancellors’ team in his final year.  He is currently captain of the North London Rifle Club, and the Cheshire RA. Ben has previously toured to the Channel Islands with the NRA and with OCRA, and is looking forward to journeying further afield on his first GB tour.

Ben’s personal life: Ben lives in north London, and is seeking a new flat – though he has been doing so for at least two years.  Aside from shooting, he maintains a (strictly armchair) interest in cricket and rugby, enjoys cooking, and listens to an eclectic selection of music.

Amusing fact or fun fact: As a boy, Ben narrowly avoided being run over by both Barbara Bush and John Major. On separate occasions, it is important to note.


Favourite quote: Forecasts are extremely difficult. Especially about the future.