Chris Weeden

Chris Weeden – Team Captain

Who is Chris: Chris has worked in the global IT sector for the past 20 years.  Predominantly leading sales teams in Key Global Accounts, selling Wide Area Networks, UC, Security and much more, “as a service”.  Chris recently joined Sky, as a Sales Director in Sky, (The Cloud), public Wi-Fi division. 

Chris’ shooting career: Chris started shooting at St Lawrence College.  He still shoots with the Old Lawrentians. Chris’ principle club is NLRC and he shoots for the County of Kent, where he is Vice Captain. He has represented England 6 times in The National and is looking forward to his fifth Great Britain tour and his third to Canada. Previous tours include GB to Canada (twice), Zimbabwe & South Africa, West Indies, NRA to Europe and NRA to Channel Isles (twice).  He has acted as Adjutant on a NRA CI tour and GB to Canada in 2000. 

At Bisley he has 5 Grand Aggregate crosses, attended 16 St George’s finals and 13 Queens’s finals. Chris believes he will win a final….one day! During the Imperial meeting, Chris has won The Short Range Aggregate and also the All Comers Aggregate, in 2004.

Chris’ personal life: Chris is married to Jules, who will be joining Chris in BC.  His children are grown up.  When Chris isn’t shooting, he will be either carrying out DIY on his house in Herefordshire or Salsa dancing!

Amusing fact or fun fact: Chris has a fear of being late… you might see him on the firing point a day early!!


Favourite quote: “Some people wish it would happen, some people want it to happen and some people make it happen!”