David Rose

David Rose

Who is Dave: David (Dave) is a self-employed Operations and Systems consultant who works mainly in London. He lives in Surrey and spends a lot of his time finding slots in the diary to enable him to go on tour.

Dave’s shooting career: Dave started shooting at Epsom College where he finished as the Captain in a record setting year and the second of two Ashburton wins. Focussing on Fullbore more in recent years he has toured over 10 times and visited all the major shooting nations around the world, to date the high point being part of the victorious Palma team in 2015 in the USA.

Dave’s personal life: Dave lives in Surrey having moved out of the hectic centre of London and in his spare time spends much of his time at Bisley (funnily enough). A committed petrol-head he has decided recently to slow down and the BMW M3 has made way for the comfort and practicality of a Range Rover complete with fridge for gin!.

Amusing fact or fun fact: Dave has often been overheard saying “I think ill take a year off touring next year…”


Favourite quote: “Own your own performance”