Paul Wheeler

Paul Wheeler
Paul works for a boutique finance firm that you may have heard of, Shard Capital. His role is to solve problems, mainly through the use of modern technology. Paul is one of three active GB shooters at the firm, combined they make up over 5% of the workforce!

Paul’s shooting career: Paul started shooting at the RGS Guildford where he soon excelled. He has completed the usual tours, Athelings, GBU19, GBU25 and NRA before getting his first GB cap in 2014. Paul enjoys the relaxed shooting with the Old Guildfordians and Hampshire; organising three tours for the former (South Africa and twice to Jersey)

Paul’s personal life: Paul is married to Tracy and has two children, Wilbur and Josie. Outside of shooting Paul enjoys lunching and cycling, the latter to work off the former.

Amusing fact or fun fact: Paul is launching human ten-pin bowling at the 2017 Imperial. This will involve a giant Zorb ball and 10 sumo suits! Reserves are welcome to volunteer members of the team 😉


Favourite quote:

Rimmer: “Step up to red alert.”

Kryten: “Sir, are you sure? It does mean changing the bulb.