Rick Shouler

Rick Shouler

Who is Rick: Rick has been ‘part of the scenery’ at Bisley since only a few months old. Rick is currently working as a Senior Consultant managing major Defence and Marine accounts for the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

Rick’s shooting career: Since first picking up a rifle at Oakham School in the early ‘90s Rick has become a key member of the Nottinghamshire Rifle Team and has since shot for the NRA, England and Great Britain, regularly. Team shooting is where his passion lies and he has had the privilege of tour the Channel Islands, South Africa and Canada. Rick has seemed to become a career “Palma Reserve”(4 times in recent years), which he wishes to break that cycle in the 2019 Palma,  by making the final team.

This will be Rick’s 5th Great Britain Tour and third tour to Canada, but he is very much looking forward to visiting Chilliwack in British Columbia for the first time.

Rick’s personal life: Rick is married to Izzy and has 3 handsome boys, Sam, Alex and Harry.

Amusing fact or fun fact: Rick cross shot in the tie shoot for the Times in 2016! Oops…

Favourite quote:

‘I know that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully’ – President Bush (jnr)