The Grand Aggregate

Competition Background

In the middle of July, the UK’s major largest Fullbore rifle competition begins and is known as the Imperial Meeting. This 9-day competition includes 18 individual shoots at distances of 300, 500, 600, 900 and 1000 yards. Some of the shoots are scored out of 35 (2 convertible sighters with 7 shots to count), some are scored out of 50 (10 shots to count) and some are out of 75 (15 to count).

13 of these individual shoots are combined together to create the Grand Aggregate competition. There are 3 shoots at 300 yards (160 points), 3 at 500 (185 points), 4 at 600 (210 points), 2 at 900 (100 points) and 1 at 1000 yards (50 points). With a total score of 705, and with around 1,000 competitors each year, winning this competition is considered a pinnacle of individual shooting in the UK and around the world.

For those aspiring to join the GBRT, or indeed any team, it is important as your scores and placings are scrutinised carefully by touring captains, so if you want to join the team it helps to do well here.

There are 4 classes of competitor in the UK and finishing in the top 200 of the Grand Aggregate makes you an “A” class. Finishing in the top 50 gives you the top ranking, or “X” class. The winner and runner up of the Grand Aggregate both earn the right to the initials GC (Gold Cross) or SC (Silver Cross) after their names in all future NRA UK publications, as well as receiving the appropriate medals.