Day 3 – Sun 19th March – Preparation

After watching the England vs Ireland rugby match last night the team moved on to a late (very late for Blomfontein) dinner at a restaurant frequented often during previous tours to Blomfontein. Disappointment for most of the team, tempered by glee from Irish representation, in no way impaired the collective appetite. Therefore this morning only a few felt able to deal with a full three course breakfast at 7am, some taking advantage of a rare chance for a lie-in.

By 9am the main business of the day was getting underway, including: unpacking, trips to shopping mall next door to remedy deficiencies in packing; checking of kit for in transit; visits to team armourer to remedy any damage identified (and in the case of your diarist, for help in getting the stuck cleaning rod unstuck!); visits to the mall to buy more stools for range, cool bags for on range lunches; an orderly queue of those with bad backs for Jackie to work her physio magic… and before we knew it, it was time for lunch!

Almost all the team went over the road from the hotel, lured by the seafood (and ribs) on offer at Jimmy’s Prawns. Luckily a relaxed meal was just what the doctors had ordered and lunch stretched to the middle of the afternoon. Then a few more chores, some sampling of the swimming pool for some and for the dedicated few, a stretching session led by Jackie. And then time to get ready for dinner. This team definitely marches on its stomach…

Further social media video reports were taken during the afternoon with Matthew Ensor being interviewed about the GB journey so far, his most significant achievements and advances in wind coaching.

We are now itching for a day on the ranges…..but that’s not tomorrow!

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