Dr Parag M Patel GC2 SB SC

Dr Parag M Patel GC2 SB SCParag first started shooting at Epsom College and his prodigious talent was in early evidence as he won the Canadian Grand Aggregate as an Atheling in 1994. This is his 12th tour with the GB team and his 4th to South Africa. Accomplished in both team and individual shooting, Parag has shot in all ‘Big 5’ matches with over 50 appearances to date (including the last five Palma matches), and has won the Bisley Grand Aggregate twice – in 2001 and 2003. He also represented England at the last three Commonwealth Games winning six medals, including Gold in the Pairs in 2006 and 2014, and Individual Gold in 2010. When not on the range, Parag is an ear nose and throat surgeon. He and his wife, Urvi, have three young sons, so he has little time left for golf. For the meantime, all his slicing is therefore done with a scalpel.

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